Wilberfoss AFC collects for Local York Charity

Wilberfoss AFC collects for Local  York Charity


For the past month Wilberfoss AFC has been collecting both tinned food, toiletries and surplus clothing for the York based Carecent Charity.

CareCent is and ecumenical centre for all homeless, unemployed or disadvantaged members of the community. In conjunction with other agencies, it is their aim to seek ways of moving people forward to an improved lifestyle. In order to achieve this they provide food, clothing and fellowship in a clean and friendly environment from their base at the Central Methodist Church, St Saviougate, York.

Overall Wilberfoss AFC collected eight large boxes of clothes, sorted into trousers/ tracksuits /jeans, Jumpers / shirts, T shirts/ hoodie top, hats / scarves / gloves / and coats / fleeces, plus ten crates of tinned food ranging from hotdogs / corned beef / spam to tuna and tinned salmon, toothpaste/shower gel  and shampoo. Donations were received from all officials / players and supporters of Wilberfoss AFC and general members of our village community, and were distributed to the charity on Saturday 19th December 2015.

This has been a great initiative for Wilberfoss AFC, instigated by Kieron O’Brien and Keith Meredith, allowing us to give something back to some of the members of our society that struggle on a day to day basis”, as manager Brian Walker was quick to point out. “All the lads have done Wilberfoss AFC and the local community proud. We would also like to thank Peter from Tesco Extra at Clifton Moor who supported and helped us and those others who donated to the cause. We hope this small donation will bring some festive cheer to those that use the centre.”